The Sorcerers Wilds

A Fathers Love

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In the Kingdom of Myirdom, in a small border town of Osus two unlikely adventurers meet at a tavern named the Camels Hole. Mod, a giant and ex mercenary captain, trying to distance himself from his past and Kalen a half elf and sailor who seeks retribution against an old colleague. Both strangers find familiarity in the latter and so find themselves talking and conversing over a bottle of fiery piss and pickled rat.  They converse with the barkeep, a strange fellow whos keen on alchemy as well as booze and holds an irritating stutter. They also make the acquantance of Cecil a half elf merchant rich in coin but poor in morality. Cecil and his body guard Fodder are convinced to reveal their plan after a healthy wager on who would win an arm wrestle, Mod or Fodder. It turns out their is an idol of sorts rumoured to be hidden in a temple nearby an idol of significant worth to the right buyer.Their evening however was rudely disturbed by a mysterious band of desert bandits all bearing a tattoo of a black hand upon their persons. Fodder was the first to fall, having his head cracked open by a mace. The tavern started to flood with these assailants until teh magician in the corner proved she wasn't just an entertainer, breathing fire over the entire entrance of teh tavern and incinerating the majority of attackers.  Broken glass can be hear and suddenly the tavern was saturated with crossbow bolts. The mage is killed by several bolts but the fire she started raged on. Our adventurers were savvy enough to flip their table and hide behind it. As the thuds of bolts against wood could be heard Mod decides that the cover is not good enough and that they should try to get behind the stone bar. Without Kalens permission Mod picks him up and hurls him over the bar, although his attempt falls short and Kalen slammed into the barside. Using his own dexterity Kalen nimbly jumped over bar to safety. Once behind the bar Kalen sees the bar keep gathering a bag of vials containing glowing liquids. The barkeepr then stands up and hurls a vial at the far wall and then ducks and covers his eyes. Both Mod and Kalen do the same. BANG! With their ears ring and their enemies writhing, Mod notices a crack in the far wall. Picking up the table and charging the wall Mod shatters it and Kalen, Mod and the barkeep make their escape.  The Barkeep legs it into the night and is never seen again. Mod and Kalen see that the town is alight and the raiders are all around them and so they decide to run for the jungle nearby as a means to escape. as they make a dash to the saftey of the trees they come across and women.  Shes human fairly tall, athletically built long dark hair tied behind her head, scar down one side of her face and deep brown eyes filled with malice. She was accompanied by two men dressed head to tow n black. The women removes her spear rom the corpse of some villager and then charges straight for Mod. Mod draws his sword and stands his ground. She thrust straight at him with lighting speed, the spear sliding off mods mail armor but she doubles back and this time the spear penetrates the armor and runs mod straight through the side. 



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